WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 4 Raw Stars on the Rise After the Show

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Credit: WWE.com

1. Braun Strowman

The big winner coming out of Great Balls of Fire is the same guy that was the third most important member of the Wyatt Family just over a year ago.

Braun Strowman has slowly developed from a big guy with no skill or character to the Monster Among Men and a bonafide main eventer. Strowman’s slow build has allowed him to improve on the mic and in the ring, and it has also given him time to get over with the crowd.

Strowman has proven in the past, with his match against Big Show and his two previous matches against Roman Reigns, that he is not just a big guy. He is athletic and can actually get the job done in the ring.

This match with Roman Reigns at Great Balls of Fire only solidified that claim. His ability to shake off chair shots, manhandle Roman, and slowly and barely get hurt by Roman’s biggest blows made him seem like the monster that WWE is trying to make him be.

This win against Roman Reigns to take a 2-1 lead in their heated rivalry should elevate Braun to superstardom and main event status. If that match did not do it, then the aftermath certainly did.

After getting beaten down and thrown in the ambulance, Strowman crashed into that semi-truck. 911 needed to be called as officials had to break open the ambulance door. A bloody, broken, and dazed Strowman was seen laying there.

Strowman waved off help as he stumbled multiple times trying to get to his feet. The fact that Strowman was able to get to his feet in any capacity after withstanding that brutal crash just sells his absolute monster status.

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Strowman might end up getting written out of RAW for a while due to his storyline injuries, but when he makes his return, the Monster Among Men is going straight to the top.