Ranking All 7 WWE Raw PPVs Since the Brand Split

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5. Clash of Champions

With the two dud pay per views now out of the way we now look the stronger events that RAW has ran this past year. The first one up on the list is Clash of Champions.

Clash of Champions marked the first pay per view that RAW ran after the brand extension occurred in July. The show ended up being a pretty solid show from top to bottom but nothing stands out as memorable.

The undercard featured solid matches and really good competition but their was noting that ended up being must watch. The undercard had a good match with Chris Jericho beating Sami Zayn and Cesaro and Sheamus having the final match in their best to seven series.

The event also showcased Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha Banks. The three women put on a solid triple threat and the match continued to progress the ongoing feud between Banks and Charlotte over the RAW Women’s Championship.

The main events of the card showed Roman Reigns defeat Rusev for the United States Championship and Kevin Owens defeating Seth Rollins for the United States Championship. Both matches were highly entertaining.

Clash of Champions was a solid show from top to bottom but it was more of a show that either continued shows or began storylines. The event continued the feud of Charlotte and Sasha Banks as the two would feud into December.

Feuds and storylines that began around this event, was the pairing of Cesaro and Sheamus as a tag team, and the relationship between Jericho and Owens as Y2J was a key reason that Owens retained his title.

Clash of Champions was a truly good show from top to bottom and it started RAW on a good foot going forward into the brand extension. The fact that their was no true memorable match on the card is why it ended up in this spot.