Ranking All 7 WWE Raw PPVs Since the Brand Split

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 3. Hell in a Cell

In October, the RAW brand gave fans a fantastic pay per view that was highlighted by a monumental match. The event gave fans three fantastic Hell in a Cell matches with one of them being the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell.

The event started with Roman Reigns battling Rusev inside the Cell for the United States Championship. The two beat the tar out of each other using weapons and the cell to cause damage to one another.

After 25 minutes of battling inside of the structure, Roman Reigns was able to hit the spear on Rusev and win the match. The second Hell in a Cell would feature Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins for The Universal Championship.

Owens and Rollins brought the absolute best out of one another during this match and at times it seemed it could go either way. However, Owens best friend Chris Jericho was able to steal the key to the door from the referee locking himself in with Owens and Rollins.

With Jericho in the Cell, Owens was able to double team Rollins with his best friend ending Rollins bid to win the Universal Championship. The third and final Hell in a Cell would be a history-making moment as Sasha Banks and Charlotte would battle in the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell.

The two would mark history as they would be the first women to ever main event a WWE pay per view. The two lived up to the hype as they put on another classic bout in their legendary rivalry. The two beat each other to a pulp using weapons, tables and chairs.

The two would go back and forth until Charlotte was able to keep Sasha down for the pinfall reclaiming the RAW Women’s Championship and defeating Sasha Banks in her hometown of Boston.

Hell in a Cell gave fans three classic Cell matches and was a landmark event as Women finally main evented a pay per view. Despite all the history and three classic matches the rest of the card was more filler which is why Hell in a Cell lands at number three on the list.