4 Predictions for WWE Raw: July 10, 2017

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Are These Two Destined to Part Ways?

Heading into Great Balls of Fire, one of the most heavily hyped contests was the ambulance match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. The two superstars have been at odds for months now, with no clear sign as to when the feud will come to an end. Last night, it seemed that we were set to receive that conclusive finale, however, it wasn’t meant to be. Strowman may have gone down as the victor, but everyone will be talking about how Reigns locked him in the ambulance and sent the vehicle crashing in the parking lot.

Because of the actions which were committed, the feud between these two could potentially continue. At the same time, the way WWE would go about this is rather unclear. Currently, Reigns is slated to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. The title match is set to occur at SummerSlam, meaning that the Big Dog has to conclude the rivalry before then. Otherwise, the Monster Among Men is going to lack direction for the time being.

Should WWE opt to continue the rivalry, perhaps the best solution is to have the SummerSlam title match become a triple threat. Strowman has certainly earned such a spotlight, and a potential clash with the Beast is a very exciting prospect. The powerhouse may be in line for a Universal Championship match at WrestleMania (according to the rumor mill), but being inserted into the SummerSlam main event is a logical step.

Not only would such a bright spotlight solidify Strowman as a top talent, it could help to enhance the hype surrounding the upcoming bout. Lesnar versus Reigns is bound to happen again, however, it’s a WrestleMania main event in my opinion.