WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 10

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Fourteen Feet of Fury

Instead of the Braun Strowman medical update right off the bat, here comes Big Cass to provide some running commentary on his match last night. If you’ve ever been at someone’s home and they show you a slideshow of vacation pictures with boring explanations for everything, you’ve seen this segment already. We get it, man, you’re proud of it, let it go.

Once the highlights were done, though, Cass proved he’s actually pretty damn good on the mic when he has to do more than spew catchphrase after catchphrase. He’s got a good flow, where he doesn’t sound like he’s trying to remember lines. And he does a fairly good job of matching his emotions and delivery to the content.

My only gripe – a small one – is that Cass’s eyes betray him a little bit. He could benefit from the old Bret Hart trick – wearing sunglasses. I’m guessing no one in WWE really wears shades anymore because the company wants to market the individual – sunglasses would obscure the face too much. But for a guy like Big Cass, he might need them for a bit to hide the eyes.

The tirade about being “the biggest man” in WWE was the world’s largest telegraph for the World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show. I don’t know how I feel about trusting Cass to fill Braun Strowman’s shoes in the “get a great match out of Big Show in 2017” role, but it could be good. It gives Big Cass a chance to prove he really is ready to possibly challenge for the Universal Title at some point in the (not too) near future.