WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 10

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The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

Result: Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows defeated The Hardy Boyz via pinfall

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Well, clearly Finn Balor is going to get caught in the middle of a war between these two teams. I feel like a Hulk Hogan nWo-style betrayal of the Hardys is way too obvious, but you never know. SummerSlam is a big deal.

But let’s rewind for a second – boy, Matt and Jeff are really laying it on thick with the Broken stuff, aren’t they? If it doesn’t happen at this point, it ain’t gonna happen. You can’t tease things so obviously – like, literal verbatim promo work – and not make the jump fully. Maybe the Finn betrayal will be the final


push into Broken-ness?

It’s a little odd to suddenly remember that Gallows and Anderson exist after weeks of obscurity and absence. Like, Matt and Jeff just waged months of war with Cesaro and Sheamus, and they’re supposed to be scared of guys who haven’t been on Raw in weeks outside of separating Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe? Strange.

Having Gallows and Anderson get the win is 100 percent the correct booking decision, despite their ineptitude of late. The Hardys aren’t even close to 100 percent – they acknowledged as much themselves before the match. So a team that – in theory – is one of the best in the world should have no problem beating a weaker opponent. And it was all technically legal, so that’s good, too.

After the match, we get the much-welcomed return of The Revival, who apparently just wanted to destroy the already broken down Hardys. There’s no denying that Dash and Dawson will do a bunch to help the tag team division on Raw. Here’s to much more going hard all day and night. Welcome back, guys.