WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 10

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The Mizzies

Sorry, folks, but I am unapologetic in my love of all things Miz right now. The Mizzies are such a stupid idea, much like Mizbear and half the other stuff he’s done. But there is no denying that, even in a dead end feud with Dean Ambrose that carried over from SmackDown, Miz is killing it on a weekly basis.

It’s also quite possible that The Miz is the only person on the roster who truly understands what needs to be done to make a wrestling program truly excellent. He knows enough to actually talk up his opponents, because it will make him look even better. It’s one of the big criticisms of WWE of late – no one actually respects their opponents. For too long, it’s just been “you’re garbage and can’t hang with me.”

But here’s Mike Mizanin, from The Real World, having a better grasp on self-promotion than guys who were born to be professional wrestlers. “Dean Ambrose is the toughest man I’ve ever been in the ring with – so what does that make me?” I hope Miz is a WWE lifer – when he hangs up the boots, put him in a producer/road agent role and let him make everyone better.

Of course, Dean Ambrose – who has had a billion chances to beat Miz lately and hasn’t done it – comes down to the ring and attacks everyone without a word, because he’s awful. And speaking of awful, Seth Rollins comes out to even the odds, because WWE will never stop teasing Shield reunions – until a backstage segment that puts the rumor to rest immediately.