WWE SummerSlam 2017: 10 Early Predictions

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2. Breezango Finally Crack the Case!

In the weeks following their Tag Team Championship match against the Usos at Backlash, someone has been trashing Breezango’s HQ. The culprits claimed that the two of them got too close to the Tag Team Championships, and they needed to be sent a message. The vignettes as Breezango investigate and interrogate the suspects have consistently been the greatest parts of SmackDown Live.

Originally, the vandals were thought to be The Colons, because a bottle of cologne was found at the scene of the first crime. But ultimately the lead went cold. Weeks later Tyler Breeze was mugged by two monsters with greasy hair, dry skin, and one arm (no, two arms!). At Money in the Bank, Breezango received a message from their alleged attackers. The shadowy figures told Breezango that they would reveal themselves in a match that night!

With Breezango waiting in the ring, The Ascension’s music hit. Viktor and Konnor matched the detailed description Breeze had given of the suspects, they even had two arms each! Breezango was able to defeat them in a quick match, and on the following SmackDown Live interrogated the two. The Ascension maintained their innocence, stating that they only went to the ring so they could have a match that night.

With The Colons and The Ascension no longer suspects, that substantially narrows the list of suspects to American Alpha, The New Day, The Usos, or The Hype Bros. A story line with this much momentum deserves a decent payoff. While American Alpha seems to be the consensus among wrestling fans, we’ll only know for sure when they bust the case wide open at SummerSlam.