WWE SummerSlam 2017: 3 Potential Opponents for Roman Reigns

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It’s time to start fantasy booking WWE SummerSlam. Here are three possible opponents for Roman Reigns at the summer’s biggest show.

With Great Balls of Fire in the rear view mirror now, it’s time to focus on what’s next. For the Raw brand, next up is SummerSlam. It’s the biggest WWE show of the summer, and will likely feature multiple marquee matches.

After the end of the Ambulance Match at Great Balls of Fire, just where Roman Reigns will end up on the SummerSlam card is unknown. The loss to Braun Strowman is going to need some serious bouncing back from. Sure, he got some revenge before the night was over. But still, Roman is at a crossroads. (That whole attempted murder thing after the match notwithstanding, I guess.)

But SummerSlam is a good time to begin that rebound. Let’s be honest: the Reigns/Strowman rivalry has been some of the best material seen on Raw in a while. And outside of the Universal Championship picture, it’s been the highest profile action for the brand. Just because Roman lost here doesn’t mean he should be pushed out of that high profile spot.

So what happens next for Roman? Provided he’s healthy, Strowman may be able to parlay his victory in the Ambulance Match into a Universal Title match at SummerSlam. But Reigns, after taking a hard loss, has a lot more options in front of him. Which one will come to fruition next month?

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Read on for three potential opponents for Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.