4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: July 11, 2017

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The Bulgarian Brute is Back

While John Cena received a great deal of publicity for his return to WWE, Rusev’s arrival came about with no warning. This is indeed a shame, as the Bulgarian Brute deserves to be featured heavily rather than taken for granted. He actually brought this point up during his promo last week, wondering aloud why Cena was given such fanfare while all he got was the cold shoulder. It gave an extra ounce of credibility to what he was saying, as it’s easy to believe he’d be angered over the current status of his career.

Because of the anger he has towards Cena, Rusev agreed to his rival’s request to face him in a flag match. Unfortunately for the 16-time world champion, that contest didn’t occur when he wanted it to. Instead, the gimmick match will take place at Battleground, and could potentially serve as the site of Cena’s return to the squared circle. If that is indeed the case, Rusev should use the next few weeks to reassert his standing as a tough competitor.

It was just over two years ago that the Bulgarian Brite was running through the WWE roster. That memory is still fresh in the minds of fans, and it needs to be drawn upon in order for his run on the Blue Brand to work. For starters, allow him to gain some decisive wins on television. They don’t have to be against the top stars, he just has to be given a chance to shine. By gaining momentum ahead of the event, hopefully Rusev will be taken seriously. Let’s just hope that he isn’t sacrificed so that Cena can go about his usual routine.