4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: July 11, 2017

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The Prizefighter Wants His Title

During a recent WWE live event, AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens for the United States Championship. The win came as a shock to many, because Styles had just become the number one contender last week. Many believed that a title change could’ve happened at Battleground, not at a random house show.

Still, this was a wise move on the company’s part, as fans are going to be more inclined to go to non-televised shows in the future. That’s due to the fact that now they believe history can be made on any night in WWE. The only issue presented by this title change is how does it impact their feud?

Battleground was the perfect site for the Phenomenal One to secure another championship. In the process, he would’ve embarrassed Owens on a far grander stage, sinking in the loss that much more. Fans always want a payoff to a feud, but in this situation the moment was restricted to much of the fanbase. Now that the lucrative moment has been taken away, what will happen in the meantime?

Personally, I believe that this loss will allow Owens to display a far more aggressive side to his character. Before the loss, the Prizefighter was in the middle of his “Face of America” tour on the Blue Brand. No doubt incensed that it was cut short, Owens will be out for blood tonight. The Phenomenal One is bound to address his big victory, which will, in turn, give Owens a chance to strike. Let him nail a Pop-Up Powerbomb to the new champion and new life can be inserted into the rivalry. Otherwise, this change in pace could damage the hype surrounding these two athletes.