WWE SmackDown Live: Who’s Responsible for the Attacks on Breezango?

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5. The New Day

Following the timeline, it is reasonable to believe that The New Day could have been the men Breezango are looking for. They debuted on SmackDown Live on May 30, which happens to be the same day that the Fashion Police headquarters was first destroyed, which is somewhat suspicious.

In fact, The New Day have a penchant for using dirty tactics to get what they want. After all, it’s part of the reason they were able to become the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history.

Despite the timeline and their shady history, there is literally no motive for the New Day to attack Breezango. The New Day became the No. 1 contenders when they debut and their soul focus has been on The Usos ever since. The New Day even asked for assistance from the Fashion Police before their title match at Money in the Bank.

Although they attempted to bribe Breezango for intel on their opponents, I think their intentions were true. And on the night of Money in the Bank, why would they challenge Breezango to a match when they already had one schedule? And finally, the VHS type only had two perpetrators and The New Day have 3 members.