WWE SmackDown Live: Who’s Responsible for the Attacks on Breezango?

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American Alpha

4. American Alpha

Unfortunately, the court of public opinion doesn’t need evidence to come to a verdict. Right now, fans seem to think that American Alpha is public enemy #1. I put them in the #4 slot.

American Alpha has had a phenomenal run in the SmackDown Live tag-team division. They made their debut after the Brand Split in 2016 and have remained near the top since that point. In fact, they were going to face Slater & Rhyno for the title at Backlash 2016. Unfortunately, Gable suffered an injury when he was attacked by the Usos after their match.

On December 27, 2016, they were finally able to capture tag team gold when they defeated Slater & Rhyno, The Wyatt Family, and The Usos in a 4-Corners Elimination match. After a nearly 3-month title reign, they would eventually lose the titles to The Usos on March 21.

While it is plausible that American Alpha would attack Breezango because they wanted to be the ones to defeat The Usos, why wouldn’t they just attack the Usos? Jordan and Gable have always been law-abiding members of WWE; it would take a lot more than a couple of losses for them to resort to such underhanded tactics.

However, they did have a brief run-in with the fashion police on February 21. No citations were issued and the incident seemed to be rather minor.