WWE SmackDown Live: Who’s Responsible for the Attacks on Breezango?

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3. The Hype Bros

There is literally no evidence to support The Hype Bros. are the culprits. They have a solid alibi. Zack Ryder has been out with injury and only returned to SmackDown Live after the attacks started happening. As for Mojo Rawley, he had been working mostly as a singles competitor.

However, it is suspicious that on June 13, the same day Zack Ryder made his return to SmackDown Live, Tyler Breeze was physically attacked by the perps. It is plausible that Mojo Rawley was destroying the Fashion Police HQ, biding his time before assaulting Breezango as a team.

But, in the clip above Breeze describes his attackers as “two monsters with greasy hair, dry skin, and two arms.” While all of The Hype Bros. appendages are accounted for, Mojo Rawley does not have greasy hair. In fact, Mojo is almost completely bald. Also, I doubt many would describe Zack Ryder as a “monster.” Furthermore, The Hype Bros. appear to be dealing with some internal issues.

Though there are some suspicious circumstances surrounding The Hype Bros., it’s all circumstantial. Let’s move on to more credible threats.