NJPW G1 Climax 2017: 5 Best Match Pairings for the Finals

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4. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kenny Omega

This matchup would pit the old guard against the new guard and would give fans a match they’ve been dying to see. Tanahashi has been the face of NJPW for years and has always done the right thing.

In Western culture, he could be compared to John Cena, as they have both been the face of their respected companies for many years. Just like Cena, Tanahashi is the most decorated star in NJPW winning the IWGP Championship the most times.

Everything that Tanahashi is, Kenny Omega is the complete opposite. As the leader of The Bullet Club, Omega cares about only two things, making money and winning championships. Omega and Tanahashi feuded briefly last year but their feud was cut short.

After defeating Tanahashi for the vacant IWGP Intercontinental last year the two were supposed to have their epic rematch in the first ever ladder match in NJPW history. However, due to a shoulder injury, Tanahashi had to be pulled from the match and replaced by Michael Elgin.

The two have not met in a marquee match since, and the two meeting now would give fans a huge final. Both men seem to poised to prove they can hang with Okada as both men have lost to The Rainmaker at the last two WrestleKingom’s.

The old guard vs the new guard with the winner earning the right to have one more chance to defeat Kazuchika Okada is the recipe for a huge final.