WWE: 5 Reasons Chad Gable Can Survive Alone

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4. Gable is One of the Best Workers on the Roster

It’s easy to see why long-time fans have been so high on American Alpha as a tag team, and it’s just as easy to see why they’ve been disappointed at the lack of attention the writing staff has paid to Jordan and Gable. In NXT, Gable and Jordan regularly put on fantastic matches, but none of them were better than all of their Takeover matches against The Revival. They were arguably the two greatest tag teams on the planet, and the chemistry among all the wrestlers involved were top-notch.

Gable’s talent in the ring is evident in singles matches, too. He didn’t get a whole lot of time to work with Owens and Styles on recent SmackDown Live episodes, but he clearly made the most of his opportunities. Gable got “his stuff in”, and his moonsault just might be the best in the business behind Charlotte Flair’s. Additionally, his suplex variations, specifically his bridging German, are beauties to behold, and they are reminders that Gable is one of the WWE’s premier athletes.

Being great in the ring is just one part of being a great worker, though, because in-ring psychology and selling are equally important. Anyone who has watched American Alpha’s matches against The Revival can attest to the fact that Gable can also excel in these aspects of in-ring work. He still has plenty to learn, but Gable is more than capable of telling a story in the ring. On the main roster, American Alpha’s matches with Wyatt/Orton and The Usos have showcased this, with their title-winning match against Wyatt/Orton being especially good.