WWE: 5 Reasons Chad Gable Can Survive Alone

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3. It Will Get More Tag Teams Involved in Singles Matches

In the past, tag team wrestlers were able to compete in singles matches, and many of them even challenged for titles. Lately, that hasn’t been the case, because tag team wrestlers and wrestlers fighting for a world title or mid-card title have been kept separate. Before Gable responded to Kevin Owens’s open challenge for the U.S. Championship, the last time I can remember seeing this lines blurred came when Owens, who was the Universal Champion, teamed up with Chris Jericho to try and end The New Day’s chase for the tag team title record.

The WWE roster is as deep as it has ever been, but we should still see tag team wrestlers compete in other matches. That way, we can tease more tension and drama within tag teams, or strengthen the bond between current members. This ties into American Alpha’s situation, because we haven’t seen Jason Jordan in a match or promo, even though Gable has received two matches as an individual competitor. This is a bit of a missed opportunity to hear from Jordan, but Gable did say in a promo that he and Jordan remain partners.

Maybe the fact that Jordan and Gable are still together is a sign that the WWE is experimenting with having tag team wrestlers compete for other titles. Having more talent to choose from in singles matches could also help lower-card wrestlers, because the likes of Aiden English and Luke Harper haven’t been given much to do outside of filler matches with main-card talents like Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal.