WWE Raw Division Rankings: Who Will Face Brock Lesnar?

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RAW. Photo by WWE.com

The RAW Mid Card Division

Highlights of the Division

The Miz did what he needed to do and that was retain his championship against Dean Ambrose. This feud might not be over because a surprising element was added to this feud—and his name is Seth Rollins. Kind of strange that the Architect would stick his neck out in the mid-card division because he was disrespected by the Intercontinental Champion but there is a silver lining to it—a potential reunion between Rollins and Ambrose.

The fans have been clamoring for a Shield reunion for years now and the teases that happened last year at Survivor Series and Tribute to the Troops added a glimmer of hope to that pipe dream. The timing couldn’t be any perfect with Rollins wrapping up his feud with Bray Wyatt—both he and Ambrose need this pairing to add more intrigue and excitement for the rest of the summer. It’ll give the Miz and his entourage a huge threat to combat with till Summerslam.

Big Cass did exactly what he needed to do and it was to eliminate Enzo Amore in quick fashion at Great Balls of Fire—it just should have happened on the pre-show and not on the pay per view. His impassioned speech on RAW is definitely sending a strong message to doubters like yours truly who doesn’t think he has what it takes to climb to the very top of Monday Night RAW.

Let’s be real here, RAW hasn’t been stacked with this much main-event talent for such a long time. It’s hard to fathom a guy like Big Cass leapfrogging former champions and dethroning Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Well, he has the perfect chance to silence the critics by getting his revenge against the Big Show. This future match-up is key to the overall progression to the young seven-footer.

Meanwhile, for the Rest of the Division

It looks like Goldust concluded his feud with R-Truth with a deserving win on RAW. Getting his first win of the year is nice and all but if we want to take Goldust seriously he’ll need to feud with someone more credible in the rankings. A guy like Kalisto would be a perfect example of a challenger who is in need of the golden spotlight. It’ll give both men ample TV time a strong undercard feud that can help both men in the long run. Goldust’s vignettes are perfect to showcase his disdain of his fellow superstars and it would benefit guys like Kalisto or even Apollo Crews to shut his mouth.   

These are the rankings for the division this week.

WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz (9 Wins – 12 Losses)


  • No. 1 Contender: Dean Ambrose (6 Wins – 13 Losses)
  • Contender No. 2: The Big Show (4 Wins – 3 Losses)
  • Contender No. 3: Kalisto (7 Wins – 7 Losses)
  • Contender No. 4: Elias Samson (3 Wins – 2 Losses)
  • Contender No. 5: Apollo Crews (5 Wins – 7 Losses)


  • Pretender No. 1: Big Cass (10 Wins – 11 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 2: Enzo Amore (5 Wins – 13 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 3: Titus O’Neal (2 Wins – 9 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 4: Goldust (1 Win – 2 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 5: R-Truth (0 Wins – 3 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 6: Curt Hawkins (0 Wins – 13 Losses)