WWE’s 25 Greatest Pay-Per-Views of All Time

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21. Wrestlemania X

The first Wrestlemania to make it on this list, number 10 was a fantastic installment of “The Grand Daddy Of Them All” and featured two of greatest matches in WWE history.  Apart from those two bouts, there was some other solid matches as well including an underrated WWF title match between Lex Luger and Yokozuna as well the first ever WWF Falls Count Anywhere match between Crush and Randy Savage.  Were these matches classics?  No, but they were solid bouts very worthy of the Mania spotlight.

Another first on that evening at Madison Square Garden was one of the aforementioned best ever WWE matches in the form of a ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. Since that night, there have been a ton of ladder matches in the WWE, and these superstars are the reason why.  It was just brilliant.  Unlike new age ladder matches, these two men used just one ladder to batter each other senseless in the most innovative and violent ways the fans had ever seen.  Since this match, there have been a whopping 50 straight-up ladder matches ever since.  And we can all thank “The Heartbreak Kid” and “The Bad Guy” for that.

But the story of the night was the sibling rivalry between Owen and Bret Hart.  The duo kicked off the night in the opener with what is arguably the best match the WWE has ever seen.  Flat out, this was a masterpiece that blended perfectly executed technical wrestling with the added drama of the familial feud.  Watching these two blood brothers so savagely tear into each other with no regards for each others safety was jaw-dropping.  After 20 breath-taking minutes, Owen picked up the victory.  But it was still Bret who would go on to the main event and recapture the WWF Championship.  The show ended brilliantly as well, with Owen staring at Bret disapprovingly, an image that would touch off a rivalry that lasted for the rest of 1994.