Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for July 13

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Reviewing Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

On Thursday, Impact Wrestling fans see the aftermath of the newest member of the Latin American Xchange being revealed.  Alberto El Patron was helped by LAX last week and seemed to be the new member of the group.  Since Lashley was on the other side of the attack, it was interesting to see his response to the Unified World Champion joining the Latin Empowerment Group.

The Super X Cup continues tonight with ACH battling Andrew Everett.  ACH is a former Ring of Honor standout who is looking to make his name in the X-Division.  Andrew Everett is trying to get back to the X-Division Championship picture.  ACH has nothing to lose but Everett has everything to gain.  Could the pressure be too much for Andrew Everett?

Demus and Octagoncito make their debuts in Impact Wrestling from AAA.  The certainly present a clash of styles but want to prove that they can compete.  Naomichi Marufuji also makes his debut tonight in a Grand Championship match.  With Ethan Carter hungry for a title match, Marufuji could run the entire plan for the two-time World Champion.

Much like last week, Alberto El Patron and Lashley are in the main event.  This time as tag team partners against LAX who got involved in their title match last week.  The two bitter enemies are forced to work with one another giving LAX a distinct advantage.  LAX also has the mental edge but there is no counting out Lashley and El Patron even against the Unified Tag Team Champions.