Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for July 13

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Grado and Joseph Park

Grado and Joseph Park arrive at the Impact Zone.  Joseph Park claims that the president wants Grado out of the country.  Park states that the best way for Grado to stay in the country is for him to get married.  He suggests that Grado gets married to a Knockout because “all the boys are doing it.”

LAX Officially Announces Their New Comrade

Konnan reviews his statement from last week that a new member would be joining LAX.  He introduces the Unified World Champion, Alberto El Patron.  El Patron seems like he is not aware of his joining of LAX.  He claims that he wasn’t asked to join LAX and Konnan is false in his claims.  Konnan states that their culture has been held back throughout history.

El Patron is not a fan of the way that Konnan is trying to change the culture.  He tells Konnan that he is alone while Konnan stays that LAX is now his family.  Konnan gives him one more chance to accept his offer but El Patron denies.  LAX jumps Alberto El Patron but Lashley comes out to save the day.  This was unusual for the former World Champion. Thus a tag team main event was set between Alberto El Patron and Lashley against LAX.

ACH vs Andrew Everett

Result: ACH def. Everett via pinfall

Before continuing the Super X Cup, the fans are introduced to ACH and Andrew Everett.  ACH is simply excited to live his dream while Everett sees this as a platform to the X-Division Championship.  The match starts as practically a stalemate as neither competitor can gain full control.  The quickness and agility in this match are must see.  ACH using his aerodynamics to slow down his momentum and fight back into the match.  Everett shows his ability to flip to as he turns a roll up into a superkick.

Pope mentions that Andrew Everett may not be taking advantage as he should in the match and it could turn it in ACH’s favor.  ACH uses his speed to fight back into the match.  These two competitors pull out all the stops deep into this match.  After a missed Phoenix Splash by Andrew Everett, ACH follows up with a brainbuster to advance in the Super X Cup Tournament.  It was a match that started off slow but was amazing when it hit its stride.