Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for July 13

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Impact Grand Championship Match
Moose (c) vs Naomichi Marufuji

Result: Moose retains the Impact Grand Championship

Ethan Carter III is the guest commentator for the Grand Championship match where he is interested in getting a shot in the future.  This is the first time that Marufuji has competed in this style of match while Moose has had plenty of experience.  Marufuji and Moose attempt to trade strikes but Moose hits the biggest one and is well on his way to a first round win.  Moose is in firm control as Marufuji cannot find any offense in the first round.  The round is awarded to the Grand Champion, Moose.

Moose starts the second round with a bicycle kick but Marufuji shows his striking prowess more early in the second round.  Marufuji has at least found an offensive strategy of stiff strikes on Moose.  A flurry of strikes late in the round solidifies the second round for Naomichi Marufuji.  The judges award the second round to Naomichi Marufuji.

The Grand Champion looks to start the round as he did but the misstep doesn’t phase him too much early.  Moose is in control again after the first minute of the third round but the kicks of Marufuji prove deadly as he comes back in the match.  EC3 interrupts the match with the ring bell as he hits Marufuji with it to make a statement.  He tries to take out Moose too but Moose has it well scouted.  Moose sends Ethan Carter III into retreat mode but Carter has definitely made a statement.

Trevor Lee vs William Weeks

Trevor Lee comes out with the X-Division Champion and wants to defend “his” championship.  Lee stole the title last week from Sonjay Dutt.  He also is wrestling with the title on to make sure that no one will steal it.  Will Weeks tries to jump on Lee at the beginning of the match but Lee regains control quickly.  Trevor Lee “retains” the X-Division Championship with a double stomp to Weeks.  After the match, Sonjay Dutt attacks Trevor Lee but Lee still escapes with the championship.