Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for July 13

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Laurel Van Ness vs Ava Storie

Result: Van Ness def. Storie via pinfall

Ava Storie jumps on Van Ness early as she tries to end the match early with a flurry of leverage pins.  She continues her aggressive attack but Van Ness fights her way back.  Laurel Van Ness continues her unique but aggressive attack.  Storie continues to make this match competitive causing Van Ness to try and run away.  Laurel Van Ness finishes Storie with a Hangman’s DDT and her signature curb stomp.  After the match, Grado comes out with his champagne and chocolate plus Laurel Van Ness is already in her wedding dress.  Grado claims that Laurel is the most beautiful creature he’s ever laid his eyes on.  He asks Laurel if she would Netflix and chill with him formally known as going out on a date with him.  Kongo Kong runs off Grado and it’s off to another Knockout for the UK darling.

LAX vs Alberto El Patron and Lashley

Result: El Patron and Lashley def. LAX via pinfall

Lashley and Alberto El Patron gain control early by making it as much like a singles match as possible.  They know that they can’t allow LAX to get into their tandem offense.  As it seems like Lashley and El Patron are finding their stride, LAX starts to use their numbers game.  The tag team champions continue their control until Lashley and El Patron isolates the ring again.  After a short shift in momentum, Homicide and Diamante get involved to give LAX control.  This match went just as it should from a logical story telling aspect.

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Lashley and Alberto El Patron show how valuable they are as singles competitors by limiting the amount of tag team offense that LAX was able to execute late in the match.  They show their ability to cooperate and win with a neckbreaker, double foot stomp combo to defeat LAX.  The end of this match made LAX look strong because the two enemies had to use tandem offense to beat the Tag Team Champions.  After the match, LAX attacks Alberto El Patron and Lashley wants no part of it.  The show ends with LAX draping the flag over Alberto El Patron.