WWE Battleground 2017: 5 Better Uses of John Cena Than a Flag Match

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John Cena. Photo by WWE.com

Is John Cena vs. Rusev in a flag match the worst move for Cena? Well, it’s certainly not the best move. Here are five better ones.

Until July 4th, the last we saw of John Cena was at WrestleMania. His return was, of course, incredibly well hyped. It even included his status as a “free agent” which may be to say he’s drafted to SmackDown but just for now.

By SummerSlam, he could easily be over on Raw or fighting a superstar from that show. In the meantime, we have him at Battleground in a flag match against Rusev. You remember this feud, don’t you? It happened a few years ago with Cena as the face American hero and Rusev as the villainous heel foreigner. In the interest of not recycling feuds, we offer five alternatives.


5. Chad Gable

Chad Gable, an NXT darling, and former Tag Team Champion is in the midst of a medium sized push. It’s not clear if he’s fully separated from his partner Jason Jordan. The two weren’t featured together the past few weeks, but they were wearing matching singlets, whatever that tells you. Gable is a good worker, AJ Styles even admitted he was a better wrestler. He comes in, puts his head down, and works hard. He’s exactly the kind of guy that Cena would happily put over.

First, he’d have to get the attention of the former Champion. It’d be important to keep Gable face here, so attacking Cena is out of the question. Instead, he could come out and cut a promo about how he’s always striving to challenge himself because you never know the true measure of a man until you put him next to the greatest yardstick. John Cena is the greatest yardstick. The challenge would be met by Cena saying Gable is out of his league thinking he can go toe to toe with the Face That Runs the Place, but SmackDown is the land of opportunity, “so let’s see what ya got.”