WWE SmackDown Live: Ranking the Top 3 Fashion Files So Far

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What were the top 3 most hilarious, over the top episodes of the Fashion Files by Breezango till date? Have a look at our picks from this series on WWE SmackDown.

For many months, Breezango, the tag team composed of Tyler Breeze and Fandango lingered around the lower end of the WWE spectrum. One couldn’t blame the two of them though. They certainly did not lack talent or charisma. However, when a team was formed mid-way during a storyline that was primarily intended for the Golden Truth, you couldn’t expect more.

Breeze and Dango were paired out of the blue after being respective partners for Goldust and R Truth for a few weeks. Since then, the duo has taken the form of Breezango. However, despite being two of the more charismatic stars on the roster, they had a pretty rough time. That is until SmackDown Live took the duo under its brand name.

Though things were a bit shaky for Breeze and Dango, they began to gain momentum over the weeks. More than their in-ring performance, it was the use of entertaining and funny backstage skits that got the team over. The vignettes primarily revolved around their fashion police gimmick and featured them in cop uniforms. Soon, the show began to evolve more and more.

Every week Breeze and Dango would take up a different character and would continue to entertain us in the goofiest of ways. The sheer seriousness with which they recite some of the funniest lines ever is nothing short of brilliance. Moreover, with a ton of Easter Eggs in the background, these vignettes had some of us watching the videos over and over. So which episodes were the most fun to watch? Read on for our top 3 Fashion Files picks.