WWE SmackDown Live: Ranking the Top 3 Fashion Files So Far

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1. Texas Rangers Are on the Case

This episode aired just this past week on SmackDown Live. The segment had Breezango dress up as Texas Ranger and go crazy at it. Dango hopping on a toy horse and asking Zack Ryder to park it was really funny. So was Breeze’s Lasso of truth. The segment would also feature Zack Ryder asking Breeze if he wears a bra when he goes undercover and Prince Pretty had an equally funny response.

“Of course. I’m not a hippy.”

This episode hit all the right marks. It was entertaining, short and to the point. The intro scene was hilarious. I am not sure how many people noticed the slight tic to the Usos during the intro. There was a tag line ‘The truth is not H’ as opposed to the Usos’ ‘Day one ish’ joke that has been going around with Breezango. Not a single dialogue wandered off from the point it was trying to convey. Moreover, Breeze and Dango seemed really comfortable in the Texas Ranger character than the Miami Vice knock-off they had portrayed in the weeks before.

However, the thing that sets this episode apart from all others is something else. This episode of the Fashion Files managed to address multiple storylines and progressed matters in a short span of time. It created further intrigue about who has been targeting Breezango over the weeks. The segment also showcased cracks that have been developing within the Hype Bros. It was smart story telling all around and for that reason, this is indeed the best Fashion Files episode we had seen so far.

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Let’s hope there are even funnier episodes that would air in the coming weeks. Which were your favorite episodes? Do let us know in the comments section.