Kurt Angle’s Secret Revealed on WWE Raw (Video)


After weeks of anticipation, Kurt Angle revealed his “secret” on WWE Raw.

Ever since Kurt Angle received a message on his phone on an episode of Raw, his status as General Manager has been up in the air on TV. No hints were given toward what this could be, except his plan to announce it to the WWE Universe on Monday night.

Well, to open the 10:00 p.m. ET hour of Raw, Angle entered the ring and made an announcement: he fathered a son from a woman that’s not his wife. The son is actually part of the WWE main roster.

So, Angle announced the newest member of Raw, as well as his son: Jason Jordan.

Well, it’s not Dixie Carter involved, but it is a WWE Superstar and Angle’s son. It also means the latest end to a WWE tag team.

Jordan teamed with Chad Gable for the past two years, spanning across the main roster and SmackDown Live. They held the SmackDown Tag Team Championship as recently as March, just a short time before WrestleMania 33.

Aside from Jordan’s past, it’s now about his unforeseen new direction in the WWE. He’s Angle’s son and now part of Raw, which will shake things up before SummerSlam.

Jordan will seemingly align with one of WWE’s top stars of the past 20 years. It’s a potential way to give him a significant push as a singles star, if that’s the plan for his character. Jordan has mostly been featured in tag teams since his days in NXT, so it could be a way to break him out by himself. That depends on how much this relationship with Angle goes on Raw, and if he becomes Jordan’s manager.

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So Angle has a son, which means Jordan is part of Raw. Are you in favor of this storyline?