4 Predictions for WWE Raw: July 17, 2017

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Big Cass Strikes First

At Great Balls of Fire, Big Cass made short work of his former partner Enzo Amore. By doing so, he proved to fans all around the world that he is ready and willing to embark on a singles run. Confident as ever, Cass made sure to brag about his recent success on the most recent edition of Raw. He expected to give his promo uninterrupted, however, another superstar had different plans.

To the surprise of many, Big Show emerged from the backstage area, intent on confronting the outspoken Cass. After a brief yet intense staredown between the two, a brawl broke out and the fight was on. This time, Big Show was the one standing tall, sending a clear message to the rookie that he isn’t the only giant of note in the WWE.

In order to keep the momentum going, WWE has to have Big Cass strike back in some fashion. Everyone knows what Big Show brings to the table, however, the same cannot be said for his new rival. Allowing him the opportunity to damage the former world champion is a great way to display his newfound aggressiveness and power. This in turn would help Big Show, because at this point in his career he shouldn’t be featured on Raw regularly. Given that he’s a special attraction, making him suffer a temporary setback at the hands of Cass is perfectly acceptable storyline wise.

If Big Cass and Big Show continue to build the anticipation to their eventual contest inside the ring, they’ll no doubt be able to perform under the bright lights of SummerSlam. A clash between two immovable objects is sure to get fans buzzing, the only question is can WWE maintain this momentum until then?