4 Predictions for WWE Raw: July 17, 2017

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The General Manager Pulls the Curtain

Tonight, Kurt Angle is set to make a shocking announcement regarding a recent controversy involving him. Nothing much is known about the topic as of yet, but it appears to have many people concerned. Cory Graves has left his spot at the commentary table numerous times over the last few weeks to offer assistance to the Olympic Gold Medalist. It was under his advisement that such an announcement be made tonight, which means the situation must be pretty bad.

Despite not having much to go on, fans have been trying to figure out exactly what could happen on Raw. One of the few facts we do know is that last week, Angle was on the phone with an unknown individual. Inviting this person to appear with him tonight, he ended the conversation, but not before saying “I love you”. Due to this, fans are speculating as to who this mystery person might be. Names such as Dixie Carter have been thrown around, however, they pale in comparison to the person I’m considering. Before I reveal who, let’s give a bit of background.

Back in the year 2000, Kurt Angle formed a close friendship with Stephanie McMahon. The young woman had tremendous chemistry with Angle, both in and outside of the ring. Her assistance led to Angle achieving numerous accolades that same year, including his first run with the WWE Championship. Their friendship broke apart thanks to Triple H, but a lot of time has transpired since then.

To put things simply; perhaps Stephanie McMahon is the mystery person in this ongoing story? Her appearance is certainly a longshot, and yet it’s an incredibly enticing thought. Just imagine these two taking control of Raw, only for a vengeful Triple H to return and combat Angle.