WWE SummerSlam 2017: Becky Lynch Should Team with Sami Zayn


Sami Zayn must find a solution to the Kanellis’, and Becky Lynch must find a solution to outside interference. Teaming together might be just that at SummerSlam.

Over the last few weeks, Sami Zayn has found himself in an interesting situation. The dorky Canadian twice interrupted Maria and Mike Kanellis’ celebrating their love. It hasn’t gone over well with the duo, to the point Mike wants to beat up Zayn at Battleground. As SmackDown’s new resident “it couple” they will likely fill the role of Miz and Maryse, with Maria interfering with Mike’s matches to give him unearned victories. So what’s a guy to do? With Maria on the outside and Mike not shying away from dirty tactics, Zayn will surely lose on Sunday. He’ll need some help of his own, and that’s where fellow ginger and former Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch comes into play.

Lynch was the first female SmackDown draft pick and the first SmackDown Women’s Champion. However, since she lost the Money in the Bank ladder match (twice), her chances of getting near the championship belt are slim at the moment. There’s Lana, who might have Tamina Snuka in toe, Carmella and Charlotte must stay around the picture, and there’s no real mid-card to speak of in the women’s division. She needs something to do for SummerSlam. While women as eye candy valets is a hopefully a thing of the past, a mutually beneficial friendship between Zayn and Lynch could be perfect.

The two are likely to have good chemistry. Both in NXT at the same time, not to mention their mutual friend in Finn Balor, they probably know each other well enough to get started. Their characters naturally fit together well. Zayn’s recent gimmick, one rumored to be a play on of his real-life personality, is over-analytical and enthusiastic. Lynch, with more than one nerdy quality of her own, would find his quirks endearing. Meanwhile, he’d high five her anytime she made a sick pun. It’s a match made in heaven.

Though that might be true, this is probably best left void of romance for the time being. We’ve seen how well WWE handles on-screen-only romances over the years. Most recently Alicia Foxx dating Cedric Alexander and now Noam Darr hasn’t exactly elevated anyone in that story. With the Kanellis’ thing literally being how much they’re in love, it’s awkward to put a fake couple on the other side of the ring. Keeping this platonic accomplishes a few different things. It keeps the whole angle more progressive. Lynch isn’t there to wear tight dresses and fawn over Zayn. She’s there to fight. WWE can push past their outdated tendencies. It’s just a man and a woman who are friends and respect each other.

Zayn can bring Lynch in over the course of a couple of weeks leading up to SummerSlam. While he’s struggling with the Kanellis’, Lynch has her own problems over in the women’s division. She will likely lose the no. 1 contender match at Battleground to a dirty player. Then Zayn can find her backstage to tell her that he knows exactly how she feels. He’ll cut a promo about how frustrating it is to work twice as hard as everyone else and get nowhere because of somebody with somebody in their corner. We’ve seen fiery promos from Zayn before and it can light a fire under Lynch. Once Zayn’s match is set at SummerSlam, we’ll see them in a backstage segment where Lynch listens patiently as Zayn strategizes. Unlike his other partners, she takes him seriously.

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That brings us to the “biggest party of the summer.” Ideally, the two will not officially debut together until then. Instead of it being on the card, it’ll be a surprise when Lynch comes out and has Zayn by her side. Likewise, Lynch is in toe for Zayn’s match with Mike. Together, they neutralize the unfair advantages of their opponents and bring home a W each. It’s exactly what both need right now, and SummerSlam is the perfect moment to introduce their new partnership.