WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 17

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Realest Guy in the Room

Enzo continues to do what he does best: talk a whole lot, and be really good at it. It’s amazing, because if I knew a guy like Enzo in real life who kept running his mouth like that, I’d want someone to pop him. It’s annoying.

But Enzo got what was coming to him. Three times now, as a matter of fact. But the dude just keeps. On. Talking. It’s like he really is incapable of learning a lesson. And that almost makes it cross over from annoying to endearing. He knows he’s kind of a dummy, but he owns it and accepts it, so you can’t help but love him. It’s a strange dynamic.

I don’t know if it was planned that way, but I’m glad Enzo brought some sense into why Cass leaned down when he faced off with Big Show last week – he couldn’t look in a legit threat’s eyes. Personally, I think it was Enzo being so good at promos that he retconned it, but who knows?

The non-match brawl that ensued between Big Cass and Big Show was impressive, but it would have been even more so if Braun Strowman hadn’t manhandled Show a couple of times over the last six months. It’s still a good way to make Cass look like a credible threat, and kudos to Big Show for taking a big beating.

A little strange that Enzo kind of got ignored at the end, but at least we’ll always have this reaction shot:

Never change, Zo.

Roman Reigns Is Confident

I mean, when is he not?

Seth and Dean’s Wacky Backstage Adventures

Kudos to Kurt Angle for recognizing the need to make some matches for next week before his career explodes!