WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 17

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Secrets Revealed

Hoo, boy, where to begin with this…

First off, what a terrible crowd for this segment. I get that it’s kind of a dumb thing, but when a man is trying his best to be emotional, leave the “What” chants out of it. Now, if the big reveal would have been Dixie Carter related, sure, go ahead and “What” away. But to treat this on the same level as “Bayley, This is Your Life” is unfair.

Now, as far as the big reveal, UGH. Fake family relations are always a terrible, terrible idea. It can’t be as bad as Hornswoggle maybe possibly being Vince McMahon’s son, but it’s still not great.

You know why it’s not a great reveal here? Where is the “this will ruin my career” factor? So Kurt had some fun in college one night, big deal. The only way this would ruin his career is if he actively ignored his child. There’s no indication (yet) that he did so. This is fine.

Is the implication here that having a biracial child is damaging to his career? Welcome to 2017, Vince, that’s not a big deal either. If that was the goal, there’s more tone deafness in WWE than I thought.

But you know why this is really bad? NO MORE AMERICAN ALPHA. That means they didn’t trash Breezango’s office. We’ll never get their tag team title redemption. But we’ll probably get Shelton Benjamin as Chad Gable’s new tag team partner.