WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for July 18

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The Maharaja is Here

At the top of the hour, SmackDown Live begins with the Singh Brothers introducing Jinder Mahal. The trio make their way to the ring, where the Punjabi Prison structure is already in place. Choosing to address the live audience, it isn’t long before Mahal is drowned by a chorus of USA chants. He continues the promo anyway, promising that Randy Orton’s legacy will die at his hands this Sunday. Explaining the structure and the way the match works, he remarks that the most important thing to note here is that there are no rules.

Promising to leave the structure victorious, he once again talks of how there can only be one survivor in this situation. The Maharajah has every intention of being that individual, a belief which in turn brings out Randy Orton. Questioning why he chose this match for Battleground, the Viper talks of how the champion won’t have the assistance of the Singh Brothers. According to Orton, the only reason Mahal is WWE Champion is because of them.

Making his way towards the Punjabi Prison, Orton continues to hype up the impending contest. He announces that Mahal will have nowhere to run or hide this Sunday, and that he’ll be looking to gain revenge for the words and actions the Maharajah has committed against the Orton family. The Viper has everything to gain, and the champion has everything to lose, including the respect of his native people. Should he fail, Orton remarks that India’s population will view Mahal as a disgrace. Now atop of the inner structure, the Viper does his trademark pose to end the segment.