WWE Battleground 2017: 5 Potential Swerves

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Smackdown Live. Photo by WWE.com

2. Without the Singh Brothers to Help, Mahal Will Lose the Championship

It seems odd that Mahal would choose a Punjabi Prison Match as his stipulation for Orton’s challenge to his WWE Championship. Mahal’s victories this far have largely relied on the Singh Brothers interference. In a Punjabi Prison Match, both competitors must escape not one but two structures. The Singh Brothers are locked outside. They won’t play a role in the match until the very end when Orton tries to escape from the second structure. The Punjabi Prison match is clearly designed to benefit Mahal, but it actually does the opposite. Orton will hardly have to worry about dispatching the Singh Brothers at all.

The expectation is that Orton loses, but it might swing the other way. Mahal performed better than most anticipated, but less we forget Randy Orton. They are not going to keep him looking too weak for too long. Without the dirty tricks provided by the Singh Brothers, Orton might be able to get one up on the champion. It gives some spice to an otherwise predictable pay-per-view.  Unfortunately, it will almost certainly be met with a chorus of Boos.