WWE Battleground 2017: 5 Potential Swerves

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Smackdown Live. Photo by WWE.com

1. That’s Okay Because Baron Corbin Will Cash n

Don’t worry, we’re not stuck with boring face Orton for long. Baron Corbin is still a factor here. He will fight Shinsuke Nakamura earlier in the night and considering it’s Nakamura, Corbin will probably eat a loss thanks to the Kinshasa. He’ll be pissed off and looking for a fight. He could find himself one by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on the new WWE Champion Orton. It will probably actually be one of Corbin’s best chances to walk away with the championship. At that moment, Orton will have gone through one of the most brutal matches that WWE has in play. As far as opportunistic moments go, this is up there.

No one will expect it considering how fast of a turnaround it is from Corbin winning the briefcase. He’s only been Mr. MITB for a month and the briefcase hasn’t been on WWE TV much. Typically, this could throw away the capital that the Money in the Bank briefcase provides. However, this year is different, because this year there’s also Carmella. Due to its historic and controversial nature, her briefcase has had far more airtime than the men’s anyway. Corbin swerving the WWE Universe may be the best use of his briefcase.

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Beyond that, it will get buzz around the minor and potentially uneventful pay-per-view when Battleground ends with Corbin’s music playing and him holding up the WWE Championship.