WWE SummerSlam 2017: Braun Strowman Steals the Show


Brock Lesnar successfully retained his WWE Universal Championship in an epic Fatal 4-Way Main Event at SummerSlam.

Brock Lesnar was able to survive Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe to walk out of SummerSlam still the WWE Universal Champion. The bigger story here is that this match quickly turned into the Braun Strowman Show. The match started off quick with the 4 big hosses going at it at the sound of the bell. After the melee to start the match we had a staredown between The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar and The Big Dog, Roman Reigns. The two shared a moment that was reminiscent of their match at WrestleMania 31 with Lesnar suplexing Reigns out of the ring.

Then started the Braun Strowman Show. Strowman got in the ring with The Beast and got the upper hand when he clotheslined Lesnar over the top rope. With the four men all outside of the ring all hell broke loose. Samoa Joe attempted to put Lesnar in the Coquina Clutch outside of the ring but was interrupted when Reigns put Lesnar through the barricade with the spear. The two Samoans went to battle with Joe gaining the upper hand and slamming Reigns on the announce table.

Moments later, Strowman did this:

Yes, that did just happen. As if putting the Universal Champion through a table wasn’t enough, Strowman would find his reliable office chair and launch it like a lawn dart at Reigns and Joe.

Following the chair throw he noticed the champion stirring and getting back to his feet. So obviously, Strowman put him through a table for a second time. On top of that, Strowman felt that he needed to bury Lesnar so that’s exactly what he did with the 3rd and final announce table. This led to WWE officials coming down to ringside and calling for medical assistance. Lesnar was carried away on a stretcher at the hand of Strowman.

The rest of the match was physical and there were even a few instances where it looked like Strowman was going to be the new Universal Champion. But, it was not to be as Lesnar eventually made his way back into the match and pinned Roman Reigns after an F-5 to retain the title. The Monster Among Men may not be the Champion Among Men (yet) but tonight’s showing is a step in the right direction.

With a field like the one in this match, it can be hard for a superstar to stand out but Strowman made it look easy. If there were any doubts remaining about Strowman’s star power and championship potential he put those doubts to bed tonight. It is only a matter of time before the Monster Among Men wins the Universal Champion, until then we’ll just have to enjoy the countless amount of GIFs he will continue to provide us.

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It’s Strowman’s world, we’re just living in it.