WWE: 3 Superstars Who Would Benefit From Switching Brands

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Credit: WWE.com

Here are three WWE Superstars who would benefit from a switch to the other show.

While it may be too soon for another “Superstar Shakeup”, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any movement between Superstars on Raw and SmackDown Live. The occasional swap can help freshen up the rosters while also pushing characters in different directions. A few names come to mind as ideal candidates for a trade this fall.

Even the most talented of performers can get lost in the shuffle when there isn’t a key storyline for them. In many cases a switch to the other show would remedy the issue, opening up a host of new feuds and stories to unfold.

A fresh start on the other show can help elevate a Superstar to the next level. Alexa Bliss’ stock was steadily rising while on SmackDown, but a move to Raw helped her become one of the top stars in the Women’s division. Jinder Mahal has become a main-eventer on Tuesday nights, but it’s unlikely the same would be true had he stayed on Raw.

Six months after the last shakeup, now would be an ideal time for another one, even if on a smaller scale. There are a few Superstars on both Raw and SmackDown that have lost some momentum they could easily recapture on the other show.

Who are the top candidates to make a switch? Here’s three Superstars who would most benefit from a trade.