WWE SmackDown 5 Biggest Stars: The Rise of Sami Zayn

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Credit: WWE.com

Who were the biggest stars from this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown Live?

It shouldn’t be called SmackDown Live anymore. It may be the house that AJ Styles built, but it’s not his any longer. The blue brand has truly become The Kevin & Sami Show, and long may it continue. Despite WWE SmackDown taking place in Daniel Bryan’s home state of Washington, Owens and Zayn soon turned the spotlight on themselves. And it was glorious (more so than the Bobby Roode-Dolph Ziggler feud).

Jinder Mahal didn’t make the list of stars this week, but he deserves an honorable mention for calling out Brock Lesnar. Welcome to 2017, folks. Not only is Mahal the WWE Champion. Not only does he have multiple victories over Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura. But now he and The Singh Brothers are going to take down The Beast himself. Right? Or maybe not, but that’s for Survivor Series.

Another honorable mention goes to the Breezango. It’s got to a point where this list is simply not worthy for the Fashion Files. They deserve their own list, power ranking the top cases solved by Fandango and Tyler Breeze.

Who makes the top five this week? Spoiler: Baron Corbin does not. Anytime the United States Champion loses to someone barely on TV, it’s not a good thing.

Speaking of Sin Cara…