WWE SmackDown 5 Biggest Stars: All About The Usos

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Smackdown. Photo by WWE.com

Who were the biggest stars from this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown Live?

It’s advantage WWE SmackDown in the weekly battle of the brands. Raw was “under siege” at the hands of Shane McMahon and the Team Blue roster, but as of yet there has been no retaliation from Kurt Angle’s Superstars. McMahon suggested his locker room was prepared for any invasion attempt on Tuesday night. But despite him saying there was heightened security, all we saw was an awkward shot of an exit sign throughout the night.

An honorable mention in this week’s list of stars goes to Chad Gable. He was the first man to jump former partner Jason Jordan during Monday night’s ambush. Gable clearly isn’t happy that Jordan fled for Raw just to spend more time with his dad.

Another honorable mention goes to general manager Daniel Bryan, who wasn’t impressed with Shane’s decision to invade Raw. Bryan stayed true to his character, which can’t be said of many of the SmackDown Superstars, and warned McMahon that there will be a retaliation by Team Red in the coming weeks.

Whether you like the Raw vs. SmackDown story or not, there’s no denying it adds some unpredictably to both shows, and that’s not a bad thing.

Who were the top five stars from SmackDown this week?