WWE 5 Biggest Storylines This Week: Releases, Returns and Survivor Series

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Credit: WWE.com

What were the five biggest storylines in the WWE this week?

As we continue along the road to Survivor Series, there’s a lot to break down in the world of the WWE. From releases to returns, potential main roster call-ups to “under siege”, there a number of talking points from the past week. What are the biggest storylines?

The SmackDown invasion angle grabbed fans’ attention last week, and each show since has come with an added sense of unpredictability. SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan was the latest Raw visitor, although he came in peace, hoping to make amends for his brand’s actions the week before. I’m not entirely sure he was deserving of a chokeslam by Kane. In the dark, no less.

The “will they, won’t they” game will roll on to Manchester, England next week. Both Raw and SmackDown will be held at the same arena over the two nights. The Raw roster will be 80 miles down the road in Birmingham when SmackDown is taped, but that doesn’t mean a few Superstars couldn’t hang around in Manchester a little longer.

In all likelihood the next invasion attempts will take place on the go-home shows. But that’s a question for next week. Let’s first digest what’s happened in the WWE over the past seven days. And there’s plenty to talk about.