Impact Wrestling 5 Takeaways: Johnny Impact vs Alberto El Patron Has Gotten Personal

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As the last month of the year approaches, Impact Wrestling looks to show who they have

Tonight’s Impact Wrestling show followed the Halloween special from last week.  As Bound for Glory is close to a month behind, new feuds continue to develop.  Tonight’s show was more about showcasing in ring talent than even building on story lines.  There were many debuting or newer wrestlers to the Impact roster who were able to show their skills in matches that they were unlikely to win.

Newer stars like Tyson Dux, Hakim Zayn, and Kaci Spinelli were able to take control of their matches throughout the night.  Although, none of them were victorious, it was a solid showing to the fanbase of some of Impact’s future talent.  It seems like Impact Wrestling is returning to the formula that gave them recognition in their prior years.

The rivalry between Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron has reached personal levels.  After the two found themselves in a violent brawl backstage a few week ago, they were able to try and settle issues tonight in the ring.  They battled in the main event which we know the Impact Grand Champion would be far from as he was watching.

The Knockout’s Championship Tournament is underway to crown a new Undisputed Knockout’s Champion.  Hakim Zayn had his wrestling skill tested against Taiji Ishimori.  Also, America Top Team still has their eyes on take down Impact Wrestling.  The Six Sides of Steel match at Bound for Glory wasn’t enough as Dan Lambert has entered himself even more into the fray.  Tonight’s show felt more like a wrestling show than even as Impact Wrestling continues to give time to their talent.