Impact Wrestling 5 Takeaways: Dan Lambert Wants to End Impact

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Impact Wrestling Showcases Every Division During Its Broadcast

To begin tonight’s Impact Wrestling show, the X-Division was fully showcased.  Last week, Hakim Zayn and Taiji Ishimori had a chance to show this their skills.  This week, Ishimori is back to face off against Caleb Konley.  After Konley and Trevor Lee attacked Ishimori a week ago and it has added a more personal feel into this rivalry.  It’s one that has spanned over the course of a few weeks and Ishimori attempts to enact revenge.

The second semifinal match in the Knockout’s Championship Tournament was tonight.  Laurel Van Ness won her way in last week.  She will face Sienna, Allie, or Rosemary in the finals next week to become the Undisputed Knockout’s Champion.  All three of these women have history which makes for an interesting qualifier.

Ethan Carter III has been trying to get in the head of Matt Sydal.  He feels that Sydal can’t win the big one since he has come up short in some of his marque title matches.  Tonight, Matt Sydal was  given a chance at the Grand Championship.  Another caviot to this match is the guest judge Fallah Bahh would challenged for the Grand Championship a few week ago.  Will Matt Sydal finally win the big one?

Johnny Impact warned Alberto El Patron to stay out of the main event tonight.  The way that El Patron has been acting lately, Impact knew that probably wouldn’t happen.  Finally, Dan Lambert makes his in ring debut to finally try and put an end to the American Top Team versus Impact Wrestling Saga.