WWE: Ranking Best Potential Feuds For Reunited Balor Club

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The WWE has reunited Finn Balor with some ole friends, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. What are some of the best feuds going forward for Balor Club?

Most people in the WWE Universe were probably disappointed with Finn Balor’s direction. He’s easily one of the most decorated superstars in NXT history. When he made the move to Raw, he was pushed hard and became the first WWE Universal champion after defeating Seth Rollins.

However, a day later, he had to drop the title as he was out with an injury. Ever since his return, his booking has been disappointing.

After a lackluster feud with Bray Watt, Balor’s booking continued to be infuriating as he was jobbing to Kane and squeaking victories against Curt Hawkins, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

Now, Balor is rejuvenated as he started 2018 by reuniting with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. It was the move needed for all parties involved. Like Balor, both Anderson and Gallows had nothing going for them as a team. Before the Balor Club was formed, it was hard to look into the future for these three talented superstars.

Now, they’re reunited, revamped and poised to take over Raw. They’re coming off a hot win over The Shield — but really Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan. It’s interesting to see what lies ahead for the Balor Club.

What are some of the best feuds for the reunited stable? What could be in line for Wrestlemania?