WWE: 3 benefits To Brock Lesnar Leaving the Company

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Credit: WWE.com

No. 1: Opens up the Universal title picture

Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe were Lesnar’s only legitimate challengers. Seriously, the booking was extremely predictable. Obviously, they had to book it like he had a serious chance of losing the title. However, he wasn’t going to drop the title at a pay-per-view that wasn’t a “Big 4” event.

In addition, superstars like Balor, Rollins and The Miz aren’t real threats to knock off Lesnar – even though they should be prominent fixtures in the Universal Title picture.

If someone like Reigns, Strowman or Samoa Joe won the world title, the possibilities for title matches are endless. Superstars like Balor, Rollins and The Miz can finally have the legitimate shots they deserve.

In addition, if Raw has a “Money in the Bank” match this year, the winner could actually be a threat. No one will take the winner seriously if Lesnar is holding the title, or even in the title picture.

Such an opportunity could open the door for rising stars like Elias, Apollo Crews, Jason Jordan, Cesaro or an arriving superstar from a shakeup.

If Lesnar is in the company, he’ll be in the Universal title picture regardless. His presence simply clogs the main event scene.

His departure clears everything up, and the WWE could experiment with fresh feuds that could create stars.