WWE: Daniel Bryan’s Perfect WrestleMania 34 Opponent

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If Daniel Bryan is cleared for WWE WrestleMania, the Miz would make the perfect opponent.

Rumors of Daniel Bryan’s WWE in-ring return may be greatly exaggerated, but they also seem to be growing each week. Every time the SmackDown GM has a tense confrontation with a superstar (or even the commissioner) fans grow more hopeful that the question of Bryan having another match will be answered with a resounding “YES!”

With WrestleMania just around the corner, Bryan’s return to wrestling can be given the big stage it deserves. That stage will need to be shared with the ideal opponent. To this writer, there is only one man awesome enough to fill that role. That man, is the Miz.

Here now are five reasons why The Miz is the perfect opponent for a returning Daniel Bryan.

#5 – They Have History

When Daniel Bryan signed with WWE in 2010, he was assigned to NXT. Unfortunately, this was not the NXT of present-day, where well-trained developmental talent and globally-renowned grapplers compete in thrilling, top-notch matches.

No, the original incarnation of NXT could best be described as a reality and game show hybrid. Rookies were assigned to WWE pros and competed in a series of (often-bizarre) challenges in the hopes of winning a spot on the main roster.

Putting Bryan in NXT was a puzzling move to say the least. Not only did “rookie” Daniel Bryan have vastly more experience than his “pro” Miz, his involvement in the startup show precluded him from showing off his tremendous wrestling skills to a larger audience on Raw or SmackDown.

However, as would be the case throughout his WWE run, Bryan took a hefty batch of lemons and made some delicious lemonade. The work between Miz and Bryan on NXT made for compelling television. Miz downplayed Bryan’s success in the independent ranks and Ring of Honor as second rate. Bryan, in return, told the A-Lister he was a better wrestler than Miz would ever be.

If these two superstars were to lock up at WrestleMania 34, these fiery verbal exchanges from NXT would undoubtedly add a whole other level to the buildup.