WWE Elimination Chamber 2018: 5 Best Moments

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Credit: WWE.com

While it won’t soon draw comparisons to Wrestlemania X-7, this year’s Elimination Chamber was a solid pay per view from WWE.

The event had a number of good matches, and perhaps most importantly, it showed that the women’s division could more than carry their end of things. As you will see, four of the entries on this list come from the two women’s matches on the show.

Here now are the 5 best moments from Elimination Chamber 2018.

#5 – Sasha Shows Some Edge

Credit: WWE.com

As Sasha pivots the back of her foot and inches closer to a heel turn, wrestling fans who have followed her since her NXT debut rejoice. Though the Boss has done a great job as a face, her ability to be an effective heel is perhaps unparalleled by any woman in WWE.

Sunday, in an epic moment, Sasha moved yet one step closer to once again becoming that effective heel. As Bayley was ascending the chamber, looking to join her supposed best friend for a double-team aerial move, Sasha showed that winning titles trumped friendship. She kicked Bayley down to the Chamber floor, eliciting a huge response from the live crowd.

The Women’s chamber eventually boiled down to Banks vs Bliss, with Alexa coming out on top. Given the edge and intensity that Sasha showed throughout the contest, Sasha won a victory of another sort. A newfound attitude, combined with a subsequent heel turn, could completely revitalize the Boss, and would provide fresh match-ups and new angles. A heel Sasha vs Bayley at WrestleMania would be a logical next step.

It will be interesting to see where Banks goes from here. But if she does turn heel, it will not be long before she wears gold again–bank on it.