PROGRESS Chapter 64 Review: Thunderbastards Are Go!

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With the unique Thunderbastard match, Riddle challenging Banks for the title, and Jonah Rock making his PROGRESS debut against Zack Sabre Jr, Chapter 64 was loaded with promise and it did not disappoint.


Sexy Starr (Jack Sexsmith and David Starr) def. Anti-Fun Police (15:14): **¾
– Can’t ask for a better opener than this. A side splitting gem of comedy wrestling that is slowly helping me turn over to the dark side on the Anti-Fun Police. A flying Santos is a great way to win me over.

Charlie Morgan w/ Jinny def. Millie McKenzie (9:20): **¾
 – Regardless of the struggles hindering them, there is a lot of good within the PROGRESS Women’s Division, and here are two of them. Millie McKenzie and Charlie Morgan. I feel that had this match gotten even five minutes more, they may have had something great brewing. However, Charlie got help from Jinny, allowing her to capitalize and win. House of Couture owns the Women’s Division.

Natural Progression Series First Round Match
Mark Davis def. Maverick Mayhew (7:13): ***¼
 – The WALTER match was not just Mark Davis’s coming out party as a singles wrestler in PROGRESS, but it made him the early favorite for this year’s Natural Progression Series. However, following this match, Davis is the absolute front runner, dominating the much smaller but resilient Maverick Mayhew from bell to bell.

Getting in a few hope spots, Mayhew tried his best to get Davis down so he could go to the top rope, however, his decision to use chops and punches to do so were ill-advised. Much like what WALTER did to him, Davis, scars still present from the war with Der Ringgeneral, peppered the poor teenager’s chest with chop after chop until the pale white skin of Mayhew turned a bright red. Davis eventually put him out of his misery with a Close Your Eyes (and Count to…you know what), advancing in the tournament.