WWE WrestleMania: The 4 Worst Main Events From The Last Decade

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Credit: WWE.com

There’s nothing more disappointing than a dud to finish a WWE WrestleMania.

Last week, I wrote about the greatest openers in WrestleMania history. These openers hyped the crowd, making sure they were captivated right from the beginning of the show.

On the the other end of the show, opposite the opener, is the WrestleMania main event. Without exaggeration, it is WWE’s biggest match of the year. It has been the place where top babyfaces have captured their first world title, intense rivalries have culminated, and wrestling superstars have transcended into legendary status.

Unfortunately, however, the main event does not always live up to expectations. Sometimes, a show-stealing match from earlier in the evening has exhausted the crowd, and their silence results in an awkward bout that lacks an appropriate atmosphere for WrestleMania’s final match. In other instances, the wrestlers have simply not laid out the right kind of match needed to keep the fans hooked. And, sometimes, the reality is that a competitor may simply be too past his prime to deliver a quality match.

Other than two fantastic bouts at WrestleMania XXX and XXXI, the last decade has not provided a stellar showcase for the big main event. Here now are four terrible WrestleMania main events from the last decade.