5 Ruthless Aggression Era Superstars that should have been WWE Champion

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There’s a long list of WWE superstars who never won a world title, but which wrestlers in the Ruthless Aggression Era should have won the gold?

There are many eras in the WWE. There’s The Golden Era with Randy Savage and some balding and overly tan guy named Hulk Hogan. There’s the Attiude Era with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Don’t forget The New Generation era, with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, or the PG Era with John Cena and company.

But there’s one era we all tend to forget about. And that’s the Ruthless Aggression Era. You know, that little meaty era in the early 2000’s that gave us gems like Mordecai and The Dicks. Aside from those perfect bookings, the Ruthless Agression era was also chock full of guys that never got their due in the title picture.

That’s what today’s piece is all about boys and girls. We’re talking about the five guys that could pop a crowd, work a hell of a match and cut the occasional promo and yet still just couldn’t grab the Vince McMahon’s imaginary brass ring. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.