Matt Hardy Wins The 2018 Andre The Giant Battle Royal Thanks To Bray Wyatt


The WWE WrestleMania 34 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal was as hard-to-follow as you’d expect at the beginning, but the final pay-off was awesome. Matt Hardy earned a much-needed victory, outlasting all of the other men in the match thanks to Bray Wyatt.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt had a rather ho-hum feud for months, but it all escalated to another level of wackiness in the acclaimed Ultimate Deletion match. Hardy defeated Wyatt, dumping the Consumer of Terrestrial Entities into the Lake of Reincarnation. But Senor Benjamin could not recover the body.

So where did Wyatt go? Well, we’ll have to wait to find out, but he made an appearance at WWE WrestleMania 34, helping Hardy win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal to join the likes of Baron Corbin, Cesaro, and Mojo Rawley as man who have won this match.

For most people, this Battle Royal isn’t a big deal, but it was a big deal this year due to the sudden alliance between Hardy and Wyatt, who helped Hardy eliminate Rawley and Corbin. The storyline between Hardy and a potentially #WOKENWYATT is something to watch for on the Raw after WrestleMania, in addition to the usual surprise appearances, call-ups, and injury returns.

This alliance with Hardy is exactly what Wyatt needed, and he’s always best when he’s able to work with others in a faction. It will be interesting to see what babyface Wyatt does, and based on the “Thank you, Wyatt!” chants, to which Hardy clapped along to, the crowd has been ready to cheer for Bray for quite some time.

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Other cool moments during this match were Corbin tossing Sin Cara on several competitors, Dolph Ziggler’s “dangling” spots and elimination of Titus O’Neil, and Hardy and Tye Dillinger exchanging “10” and “Delete” taunts. Oh, and Rawley’s elimination of Zack Ryder was also fantastic, and it shows that the bad blood between them will never dissipate.

Now imagine if these two have a run with the Raw Tag Titles. That would be awesome, and it would be even more memorable than Wyatt’s run with Randy Orton.